Thursday, 1 September 2011

Bodyguard - Movie Review

Disclaimer: I really loved Dabbang, enjoyed Wanted and did not like Ready.

Walking into Bodyguard I knew I was in for another masala, Salman Khan movie. The movie trailer promised a different love story packed with action. In a nutshell, the movie delivered what it promised; there was definitely a love story and abundance of action!

Bodyguard is the third Salman Khan film to be released on Eid, after Wanted in 2009 and Dabbang in 2010. However the movie failed to evoke the awesomeness of Dabbang, despite having similar over-the-top, logic-defying action sequences and story proceedings. The twist in the story was indeed out-of-the-blue but not life changing. It played along conveniently in the culmination of the film.

Having said that, the principal actors have all performed well; with Salman Khan doing what only he can. I love his expression and his innocence in the movie. Of course the innocence factor was over-stretched and got to the height of dumbness in the climax (which I shall not spoil).

Kareena was strictly alright; her outfits were interesting and wearing by a normal girl. Hazel Keech, as Kareena’s best friend, makes a confident debut and even outshines Kareena in a few scenes. Aditya Pancholi used his eyes (was he wearing coloured lenses?) to emote which is a rarity for villains in Hindi movies.

The new funny man side-kick debutant, Rajat Rawail, worked in parts but mostly failed to tickle. He has a long way to reach comedy success of likes of Paresh Rawal and Johnny Lever. Also the fat-man and dwarf/ small people jokes fall flat.

The songs in the movie aren’t chart-busting, with the exception of I Love You and title track Bodyguard. It was a pleasure to hear I Love You singer, Ash King, sing live. He has an amazing voice and is definitely a singing talent to watch out for.

Despite all the shortcomings, Bodyguard is a true entertainer and Salman Khan would most certainly pull off another Eid blockbuster release and complete a hat trick! Also Doc Martins will definitely see their sales rise after having Salman Khan prominently wear them in the movie.

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